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Deicide's US fall tour promises to be the most crushing extreme metal tour of the season. Headliners Deicide lead the way, with three of the underground's most vicious and hardworking bands in tow: New Orleans black/death swamp dwellers, Goatwhore (featuring members of Crowbar and Soilent Green); SoCal vegan death-grinders, Cattle Decapitation; and
Florida death metal menace, Diabolic. This tour marks Deicide's first full US tour since the release of their Earache debut, 'Scars Of The Crucifix'.


16 Culture Room Ft Lauderdale, FL
17 The Masquerade Atlanta, GA
18 Jesters Pub Fayetteville, NC
19 Thunderdome Baltimore, MD
20 BB King Blues Club New York, NY
21 Trocadero Philadelphia, PA
23 Mr Smalls Pittsburgh, PA
24 Bogarts Cincinnati, OH
25 The Arena East Dubuque, IL
26 Ascot Room Minneapolis, MN
27 House of Blues Chicago, IL
29 Bluebird Theater Denver, CO


1 Graceland - Seattle, WA
2 Roseland Theatre - Portland, OR
4 -4th and B San Diego, CA
5 House of Blues - Los Angeles, CA
6 Galaxy Theatre - Santa Ana, CA
7 House of Blues - Las Vegas, NV
8 Launch Pad - Albuquerque, NM
9 Bricktown Live, Oklahoma City
10 Sin 13 - San Antonio, TX
11 El Palacio Ballroom - Corpus Christi, TX
12 Mary Jane's - Houston, TX


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John (I believe...I get their SNs mixed up) from Vehemence IMed me this link to their new song!


If you're not familiar with Vehemence, they're a US Melodic Death band, and they're fucking awesome.

I haven't got the chance to listen to this tune yet, because I'm lacking an audio card and speakers right now...which is fucking lame, but I thought I'd share it with the metal community.

You should also check out:

http://vehemence.brutaldeath.net/04VEHEMENCE-Kill_For_God_-_Pre_Production_HTWTS_2003_Demo.mp3 (Also going to be on the new album)

http://vehemence.brutaldeath.net/Vehemence-God_Was_Created.mp3 (From Their previous release, God Was Created)

http://vehemence.brutaldeath.net/06Vehemence-Nameless%20Faces,%20Scattered%20Remnants.mp3 Are from their first album.

This band is fucking awesome, and I'm confident they won't disapoint with their release of "Helping The World To See".

Tell me if the song's any good though, so I can get all bitchy about not having speakers.